About me

Like everyone else, I’ve done many roles in life, some permanent, some intermittent, some expired. In addition to son, brother, parent,first born, grandparent, uncle, in-law, and husband, I’ve also been student, airman, veteran, surveyor, chemist, manager, spokesperson, Christian, teacher, and now a combination of the above with my role as nurse and caregiver. Which is to say that my life and my attitude has the potential to impact a great many others in a possibly profound manner.

The attitudes that we all carry are really the only things that we have any control over. Maintaining a professional positivity is, I believe, critical to success in dealing with patients at bedside. Many in nursing work very hard to leave the bedside behind. Why? Because it is hard, often thankless – infact you get the brunt of the worst in a lot of patients. I’ve been struck, insulted, cursed and  mocked by the same people that I labor to help feel better. Still, I am drawn by God to do this work, in the verteran care setting, so I practice some Stoicism and soldier on; plus, I LOVE it!

My inputs are books of all kinds, music of all kinds, and movies (I do favor a good western or a thriller). My ambition is to write and publish under more than one genre, but that is still in development.