Marathons and Growth 

First entering the world of Christianity can be confusing and intimidating. Who knew that there were so many flavors and nuances. You can encounter seemingly conflicting theologians ranging from faith that every single word from beginning to end is the literal and immutable Word of God. Others have denied the basics of the Christian tradition in order to modernize and make relevant what they may see as a creaky old structure. Still others have settled on an Old Testament view that disallows forgiveness while focusing on God’s Wrath. 

I am of the Reformed Presbyterian school of belief and further define myself a Paulist, placing importance on his letters to various churches. The main story through the Gospels and Paul’s Marathon  is, of course, the salvation of the Cross and the eternal life in Jesus and the Father, and the Holy Spirit. 

Paul explained to his followers that the life of placing yourself in the hands of the Trinity would not be the most comfortable or safest place in terms of worldly comfort. Rather, he explained that hard times and rejection by the world were very likely. He also explained that our part should be approached with the attitude of the athlete, training, building stamina and competing with absolute conviction of victory. He likened the Christian life to a race, a marathon, and where speed may be less important than staying power. Somewhat like a runner who feels his reserves lacking, pushing on through the wall of resistance is the path to victory and a race well run


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